Friday, September 14, 2018

Quality blog post layout

This is what I think is a good layout for a quality blog post!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Smart learners!

I really liked doing this!
I am learning to critique others and my work.
With the help of voki, I made this voki, to show how I critique work.
Also, I may have made my voki, start off with talking about fish. 
Then actually talked about the real topic.

I recommend that you check out
I really enjoyed making my character and then adding a voice!
Also, If you want to see what I said, Check the link!

You may be wondering, what is voki? Well voki is a site, where you can make avatars, however you like, and then add a voice to your character! You can use it in anyway! Side answer, Voki is also a education tool, used by many others students like me! I hope you try it out one day!


Friday, July 6, 2018

Operation: Easter egg hunt

Operation: Easter egg hunt

1. The starter
2. The mysterious pile
3. Operation: Open
4. The Sugar free delight

One Easter day, we ran down the hallway.
Waiting and waiting for our mother to wake up!
I think because I couldn't wait to see what mom will dish!

After, Deciding to wake mom up.
We got pulled outside for a while, we were ready to go and hunt!
We were called back in, “Go and search!”
I started by looking at this mysterious pile, Guaranteed to have a plastic egg inside!
Next spot I checked was… The old chair! I was hoping to see a colorful surprise!
Finally, we had found all of the eggs around the house.
It was time to open the juicy eggs, with hopefully something good inside!
Sadly, I don't recall what we had gotten but I bet you it was something good.
Although I remember what was next!

After, operation: Open the eggs was complete, I had a new operation!
Operation: Check fridge. With my surprise, there was a sugar free giant!
A sugar free chocolate bunny!
Oh, It was a flavor trip though chocolate bunny world!
Fun fact: It was the first time I ever had a sugar free, chocolate thing!
The bunny melted in my mouth!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A rainy wake up

A Rainy wake up
  1. The wake up
  2. Attempt 1
  3. Drifter
  4. 3.59 am!?
  5. Sound asleep

It was a Wednesday, morning., I was fast asleep then, I had a loudest wake up I will ever know. It was also the coldest morning I may wake up to. It was like there were icles on the windows, and snow on the hills. I felt like I was dipped and battered into water which was ice cold and after I had turned into a iceberg of the diabetic.

I was still quite asleep, but I couldn’t go back start away. My mind was still rebooting. I twisted and turned like I was playing twister with myself or maybe I was playing a game of something. I was starting to fall asleep then. It was like thunder and lighting just hit my roof or they were dancing away.

Once, I had enough of trying to go fast asleep again, I started to waddle out of my room in my big warm, poofy, red velvet blanket, with pure white spots, into the kitchen of my house. Once, I stepped one step out of my room, I regretted it. I almost fell straight head butting the floor. But luckily the blanket saved my head from hurting all day. I drifted around the kitchen until I started to head to the living room.

I had made it to my destination, the living room, which the guardian of the couch was sitting at his guard post. I was unsure what time it was at that point. I Presumed it was about 4:30ish, I was wrong, it was 3:59 am! Yes. IN THE MORNING! I was super surprised!

After I was spooked how early it was,
I had gone and waddled back to my room, trying to not break my back.
It was a success. I fell straight into my bed and drifted back to sleep.

A start of a flight

A Start Of A Flight

  1.   Airport
  2.   Last step
  3.   Safety video/runway

Tears running down my face, we were miles away from our gate.  Saying my goodbyes, my mother, sister and I were heading overseas, by flight.  Trying to not look back or else more tears would be trickling down my face. Hours and hours had been used to pack up earlier that day.

We had rushed over to our gate, which was leading us to Australia.  It felt like years passed before the gate had opened, then it finally happened.  The door to the airplane opened. We were going to be on for the next 2-3 hours.  Slowly, taking my last step in Auckland and into an airplane.

We walked down the aisle.  I felt like I was on a runway and the    passengers who were sitting down were the crowd.  We sat down and started to watch the safety video.  My eyes were glued to the screen. I had never watched the video before.  Then we were about to take off. I went through an “Am I actually doing this?”  I was paralysed. I was regretting everything.

By Lee,

Something Green

Something Green

  1. Walking to school
  2. Something green?
  3. Writing

It was a Wednesday morning, cool, breezy morning. The bell just rang to head back to class, My friend and I were heading back to class from the school library. Comrades of mine which were at the playground were rushing back to their class like it was the end of the world!

The teacher which was "teaching" or some may know it as bossing us around like their our owners for 9 hours of our lives.... was.... Ms Renner! She is a sub. She told us these words "I had something to show you, but I forgot it at my friend's house. Think something green..." or at least that is what I gathered up from it. My mind when straight to... Broccoli or grapes, or maybe brussel sprouts, ewww... any who of topic, what is Barack Obama's favorite vegetable? Broccoli! But Ms Renner told us that "it grew on vines, and grows like rabbits..." again that is what I gathered up. 

Then the teacher told us to "grab your writing book out of your, hopefully tidy desk, and grab your pen, because you HAVE TO start writing a recount, & at the end you have to level yourselves!" And I deiced to write about what just went down! I called it... "Something Green" My one to three planing was 1. walking to class, 2. Something green and 3. Writing, & it went like this... it was a Wednesday morning....

By Lee,

Friday, June 8, 2018

My Pepeha!

This is my Pepeha!